Lonely memory

It has come to my attention that one of my memory cores had broke. I was so sad.

Memory cores come in pairs and now there’s only one of them. It’s so sad and lonely.

Hence forth, I went forward to my favourite magical shopping paradise: The Dark Forest. There, I perused and hunted and explored, searching for the ultimate core to accompany my lonely one.

And I found it! Yay!

I traded some of my hard-earned gold coins for it, and now, they both live happily ever after.


Terminator Genysis

Terminator Genisys

Da-dum dum dum da-dum!

Apart from very bad spelling, I think this was a fun story. Lots of clichés from the original Terminator story, but still loads of fun.

Apart from a totally defenestrated timeline, zero character development and seemingly lacklustre acting, I think it’s still a fun story. It has some old humour that only die-hard Arnie fans would understand.

All in all, if you’ve watched all the other Terminator stories, why not go ahead and enjoy this one. But if this is your very first one, I would go and watch the first Terminator before catching this one.

I give this story:

6 killer robots out of 10 killer robots



The story was told well enough, and the pace was well done. It’s a story about a boy who is not a boy, and meets all sorts of people while growing up to quickly.


Sounds like the story of Pinocchio. There’re lots of similarities.

But ultimately, it’s a story about good and evil, innocence and experience, intelligence and wisdom.

It’s a story about Chappie.

I give this story:

5 batteries out of 7 batteries