One hand giveth, and the other hand taketh

It has been a trying time as we prepare for Amadias’ first flight. Many times, I almost succumbed to the exhaustive trials. But I survive. I will survive. I must make sure that Amadias is able to fly on her own, without any magic from me. She must survive!

Part of my strategy was to train a new apprentice to cover me and do some of the more low level magics.


One hand giveth, and the other hand taketh.

What does that mean? We finally found a new apprentice, and he joined the circle just yesterday. But to my horror, he would NOT be my apprentice. He’s a low level magician with no known magical talents. I mean, what the !@#$

So, how do I ensure Amadias can continue to fly without me? I am troubled. 

But I will survive, and I shall find the best magical solution to this problem.


Parting Gift

It always break my heart when a part of the magical team leaves for the better.

My faithful young apprentice has finally grown up and decided to travel the worlds and experience other types of magic.

parting gift from my faithful young apprentice

And her parting gift to me was a magical wonder that further broke my already-broken heart into even more tiny crumbs.

I shall always remember my faithful young apprentice.

Fare thee well.