Winning spell

I am tremendously proud of Amadias! I am also tremendously proud to be part of the circle that crystalised Amadias!

Amadias has won a couple of historical magical awards that I’m really proud of.

There’s the Minister for Magic Award, presented by the Minister himself! This award pays tribute that Amadias is one of the best and unique spells in the universe. Amadias is the fastest spell there is. Period.

Then there’s the Level 21 Powerhouse Spell Award that’s awarded only to the best of the best! This award gives dedication to mages who contributed their mana to Amadias, such as me!

I am so proud that I’m bursting with pride.


No more magic

Amadias has been flying high for almost a year now. More, if we also counted the days of the incessant trials.

Gone were the days when magic flowed abundant. Gone were the times when all the mages worked together to create the perfect magic. Gone, gone, gone.

I am no longer a mage. What do I do? I find solace in learning new spells when nobody’s watching. I try to find peace in doing mundane work. I bide my time till I can rise again! Like the phoenix! Like Amadias!

And now, I shall fade into the bleak shadows…


Amadias spreads her wings

It’s the middle of the night on a weekend, and the whole circle is awake to witness the next phase of Amadias’ flight.

Tonight, Amadias shall spread her glorious pair of wings and attain full fight!

Even Saint Angeles is here in spirit with us. Although her physical self is taking a well-earned holiday up in the snowy northern isles. Seriously, she needs to chill. Not work.

As usual, the Archer General is busy at work shooting arrows everywhere. Most of the time, they just go over our heads. But sometimes, there are friendly fire, so we need to watch ourselves in case the Archer General gets very busy.

It’s almost 5 hours since we started work. And we’re almost there.

Amadias, we shall watch you fly higher and higher.


Amadias rises!

Oh yeah! It is finally here!

Today, Amadias rises to her all new record breaking heights! She is soaring!

We are all so proud of her.

It has been many, many moons of planning and sweltering, toiling and hammering. There had been songs, and there had been blood. But overall, there is Amadias in her glorious form.

How I wish I can be like you, Amadias. I want to fly, too.


Amadias rises! soonish… sort of…

Amadias has risen!

Well, sort of. Soonish. Or later.

I dunno.

It would have risen today. But recent troubles had forced us to hold back our magic and channel our excess powers elsewhere.

Heretofore, Amadias shall rise again. Probably. Sort of.


One hand giveth, and the other hand taketh

It has been a trying time as we prepare for Amadias’ first flight. Many times, I almost succumbed to the exhaustive trials. But I survive. I will survive. I must make sure that Amadias is able to fly on her own, without any magic from me. She must survive!

Part of my strategy was to train a new apprentice to cover me and do some of the more low level magics.


One hand giveth, and the other hand taketh.

What does that mean? We finally found a new apprentice, and he joined the circle just yesterday. But to my horror, he would NOT be my apprentice. He’s a low level magician with no known magical talents. I mean, what the !@#$

So, how do I ensure Amadias can continue to fly without me? I am troubled. 

But I will survive, and I shall find the best magical solution to this problem.


A New Lunar New Year

Today is the last day of the Lunar year. Tomorrow, we celebrate a new Lunar New Year!

Amadias has been running along fine for a couple of weeks already. It was glorious. Sure, there were a few hiccups, but there were no complications. Amadias is fine.

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner 2015

After the Lunar New Year, we prepare for the next phase for Amadias. Amadias rising. She’ll take flight at the next, next moon.

For now, we shall celebrate the joy and awe.


Today is the Day

Amadias shall take physical form today.

After weeks and moons of work and perspiration, with the help from many wondrous mages and non-mages, Amadias shall take form today.

There are so many people to thank, but closest to my heart are those closest in my circle.

My faithful young apprentice, of course. Fate will have it that she’ll not see Amadias take flight, but she’ll definitely see its birth. Without my faithful young apprentice, many of the little things would not have been possible.

Sister Strength is next. Without her, many of the stuff that Amadias is made off won’t had been made. She’s the pillar behind Amadias. She’s the Strength.

Saint Angeles is also another force of nature to be reckon with. Without her, the Archer General would be running rampant, and Amadias would not had been Amadias.

Sir Awesome the Awesome’s next in my list of appreciated people. For putting up with all my nonsense, and for keeping my temper down when the Archer General was spieling out nonsense.

And finally, least of all, the Archer General. Without him providing all the interesting challenges and obstacles, we won’t have grown to become stronger and fiercer.

And now, I shall welcome the newly formed Amadias.


The Temptation to Cringe

To cringe or not to cringe.

I often ask myself when faced with myriads of difficulties faced when working on Amadias .

I was tempted again today and yesterday. And many times before. Especially when the Archer General was being intensely dense.

However, I shall persevere!

I shall endeavour!

I shall endure!

Woe be the day when I give up trying to make Amadias the best entity ever.