The beginning of the end of the beginning… of the end

OMG! It’s already end of the year.

Here I was, thinking of making celebrations for the solstice, and I was rudely reminded about the Amadias project.

We had a short council meeting just this afternoon with our friendly neighbouring mages. The meeting was going fine until the Archer General started throwing spells around about the All-Seeing Sea.

If you don’t know what’s the All-Seeing Sea, you’d be in for a surprise. It’s a force of nature that also serves as our first line of defense. It helps us stem the tides and defeat our enemies.

That said, that’s what it does best.

Amadias is a totally different kinda magic.

Sometimes, I really wonder if Amadias’ true face will ever be shown to us mere mages. Our worst dream would be that Amadias becomes so convoluted that we called forth Saidama, instead. That would be a disaster.

But, it’s the beginning of the end of the beginning… of the end. Amadias is one step closer to fruition. Whether it’s heaven or Saidama, we shall see.


Parallel Magic

It was commonly mistaken that magic can be performed in parallel. In other words, perform several magic tricks simultaneously.

Yeah, right.

Ask a mundane person if he can multi-task. And the answer is no. The more we try to multi-task, the less productive we become. That’s because mundanes and mages cannot switch between tasks easily. It’s not humanely easy.

That’s why we have magic. Performing magic can’t be done in parallel, but if magical tasks can be automated using magic, sometimes, they can run on their own.

But beware, magic has a life of its own. In magic, we sow what we create. The old saying is true:

“Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.”



There is a silver lining

Or at least, that’s what I hope for.

Sometimes, magic just work, and Amadias just clears up like the beautiful blue sky.

Sometimes, magic just fails, especially when the Archer General is around. I wonder why…

But, there is a silver lining. Somewhere. I just haven’t found it yet. But because of magic, and my magical abilities, I know so.


All the magic in the world cannot create a time portal

Amadias is becoming a monster. Every time I try to reign it in, the Archer General will whip it into frenzy. And that doesn’t really help to move it along.

In my original vision, Amadias is a clear, bright crystal that exudes calm and soothing light, with soft background music in the after touch.

In Archer General’s vision, Amadias is a black hole with creepy crawly legs. Ugh.

If only magic can create a time portal that’ll give us more time to achieve more things. Unfortunately, magic doesn’t work like this.

Our partner in crime, Xterix, are struggling to keep up with their chores to complete the first part of Amadias. And I don’t envy them.

Wonder if they envy us?


Magic is hard

Having worked in the magic industry for the last millennium, I can safely say that working with magic is hard.

I used to love working as a modern mage, creating portals that go into fantastic realms and seeing wonders that we could only imagine.

But along the line, I’ve made my way into this new project. The Amadias. Short for “A Magical And Dimensional Immersion And Sensation”.

Today, I had a plan. And it was completely trashed by the Archer General. I mean, he’s a known Archer, and comes with great skills in warfare and archery. But when it comes to magical portals, he’s a total beginner. I have no qualms if a person is able to learn what he doesn’t know, and pick up skills to do magic. But no matter how I tried to teach, the lessons were never absorbed.

Sometimes, I wonder if we spend more time trying to do things that eventually won’t even lead to the success of the Amadias magical portal.

I hope not.