Withdrawal symptoms

For the past few weeks, a magical competition to find out who are the best soccer players had been running. And I have been religiously following the outcomes.

It’s a good thing that Amadias had been pretty quiet these few days. Why? Because this competition happened very late into the night, and usually into the twilight. Yawn.

But I endeavoured. I stuck to a strict schedule of finding rest when possible. And I enjoyed the following the competition! My favourite team did not win, but they managed to get into the semi finals! Gut gemacht!

But now, the games have completed. The winner, determined. And suddenly, I’m left with no goals, no objectives, no dreams. I have withdrawal. 🙁

So how? I can only concentrate on Amadias now.


Winning spell

I am tremendously proud of Amadias! I am also tremendously proud to be part of the circle that crystalised Amadias!

Amadias has won a couple of historical magical awards that I’m really proud of.

There’s the Minister for Magic Award, presented by the Minister himself! This award pays tribute that Amadias is one of the best and unique spells in the universe. Amadias is the fastest spell there is. Period.

Then there’s the Level 21 Powerhouse Spell Award that’s awarded only to the best of the best! This award gives dedication to mages who contributed their mana to Amadias, such as me!

I am so proud that I’m bursting with pride.