Batman v Superman – The Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman - The Dawn of JusticeMany have said that this story isn’t what it should have been.

Many have criticised that this story does not live up to expectations.

Well, I don’t. I believe that this is a fantastic story that is quite exciting and a joy to watch.

Let’s ignore the part of the title where it says Batman fights with Superman. If we let the sub-header “Dawn of Justice” become the movie title, then it all makes sense. It’s not really about who’s bigger or who’s better. It’s about how a consensus is reached through common goals, despite the differences. It’s about fighting the good fight. It’s about friends who get work together and solve problems everyday.

Yeah, that sounds familiar.

I only have one gripe: Lex Luthor. That’s all.

All in all, I give this amazing story:

8 Superfriends out of 8 Superfriends

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