Maze Runner – The Scorch Trials

Alright. I admit that the first of this story wasn’t really a success. There were various problems, and the most striking problem was the boy with the Eyebrows. Oh wow, once you’ve seen those eyebrows, you can’t ever forget them. They might as well title the story “Maze Runner – The Eyebrows“.

Maze Runner - The Scorch Trials

Well, thankfully, the second instalment of this story fixed that. No more Eyebrows.

But, I will admit that this story clearly lacks a theme. First, there was the maze, mechanical spiders and poison.

Now, in The Scorch Trials, there are sand, zombies and more sand.

I mean, what the hell is this story trying to tell us?

It’s still interesting enough to keep me interested. Actually, I’d just want to find out how mazes, zombies, poison, mechanical spiders and more sand have in common. Who knows? Maybe it’s Eyebrows.

I give this story:

2 eyebrows out of 3 eyebrows