Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

This story was an epic disappointment on so many levels, that I’ve no idea where to start. But I shall try.

#1 – It’s completely different from the anime. Major characters are missing. The relationship between them are strange. The plot, omg, the plot is totally wrong. The location is wrong. The setting is wrong.

#2 – The acting by the main characters are superbly lousy. They can’t act. Or it could be due to lousy directing from the director. Whatever.

#3 – CGI is awful. Nothing looks real. At this day and age, we would expect effects to look damn real. This looks worse than a B-grade movie. Lousy.

#4 – Complete time waster. It’s only part 1! I still need to wait for part 2. Which I’ll definitely not. I’m gonna skip part 2, and just wait for the anime. You should just watch the anime, it’s much, much better.

I give this story:

0 Omni-directional Mobility Gear out of 10 Omni-directional Mobility Gears