One hand giveth, and the other hand taketh

It has been a trying time as we prepare for Amadias’ first flight. Many times, I almost succumbed to the exhaustive trials. But I survive. I will survive. I must make sure that Amadias is able to fly on her own, without any magic from me. She must survive!

Part of my strategy was to train a new apprentice to cover me and do some of the more low level magics.


One hand giveth, and the other hand taketh.

What does that mean? We finally found a new apprentice, and he joined the circle just yesterday. But to my horror, he would NOT be my apprentice. He’s a low level magician with no known magical talents. I mean, what the !@#$

So, how do I ensure Amadias can continue to fly without me? I am troubled. 

But I will survive, and I shall find the best magical solution to this problem.