Today is the Day

AmadiasĀ shall take physical form today.

After weeks and moons of work and perspiration, with the help from many wondrous mages and non-mages, Amadias shall take form today.

There are so many people to thank, but closest to my heart are those closest in my circle.

My faithful young apprentice, of course. Fate will have it that she’ll not see Amadias take flight, but she’ll definitely see its birth. Without my faithful young apprentice, many of the little things would not have been possible.

Sister Strength is next. Without her, many of the stuff that Amadias is made off won’t had been made. She’s the pillar behind Amadias. She’s the Strength.

Saint Angeles is also another force of nature to be reckon with. Without her, the Archer General would be running rampant, and Amadias would not had been Amadias.

Sir Awesome the Awesome’s next in my list of appreciated people. For putting up with all my nonsense, and for keeping my temper down when the Archer General was spieling out nonsense.

And finally, least of all, the Archer General. Without him providing all the interesting challenges and obstacles, we won’t have grown to become stronger and fiercer.

And now, I shall welcome the newly formed Amadias.