The beginning of the end of the beginning… of the end

OMG! It’s already end of the year.

Here I was, thinking of making celebrations for the solstice, and I was rudely reminded about the Amadias project.

We had a short council meeting just this afternoon with our friendly neighbouring mages. The meeting was going fine until the Archer General started throwing spells around about the All-Seeing Sea.

If you don’t know what’s the All-Seeing Sea, you’d be in for a surprise. It’s a force of nature that also serves as our first line of defense. It helps us stem the tides and defeat our enemies.

That said, that’s what it does best.

Amadias is a totally different kinda magic.

Sometimes, I really wonder if Amadias’ true face will ever be shown to us mere mages. Our worst dream would be that Amadias becomes so convoluted that we called forth Saidama, instead. That would be a disaster.

But, it’s the beginning of the end of the beginning… of the end. Amadias is one step closer to fruition. Whether it’s heaven or Saidama, we shall see.