Magic is hard

Having worked in the magic industry for the last millennium, I can safely say that working with magic is hard.

I used to love working as a modern mage, creating portals that go into fantastic realms and seeing wonders that we could only imagine.

But along the line, I’ve made my way into this new project. The Amadias. Short for “A Magical And Dimensional Immersion And Sensation”.

Today, I had a plan. And it was completely trashed by the Archer General. I mean, he’s a known Archer, and comes with great skills in warfare and archery. But when it comes to magical portals, he’s a total beginner. I have no qualms if a person is able to learn what he doesn’t know, and pick up skills to do magic. But no matter how I tried to teach, the lessons were never absorbed.

Sometimes, I wonder if we spend more time trying to do things that eventually won’t even lead to the success of the Amadias magical portal.

I hope not.


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